Spring has sprung, has your new steel building?

It’s the first day of spring and it’s time to get those steel building projects rolling. Have you procrastinated getting that extra storage space, workshop or building until now? It’s not too late to get a steel building, in fact the beauty of PWS Steel Buildings are how quickly they can be installed.

Need some ideas? We’ve finished some fabulous buildings and updated our Facebook page to show photos of those buildings. We’ve built a few new “mancaves”, updated some winery photos and we’ll be posting some new winery building photos of the wineries we’re working on right now. Take a look at and then like us so you’ll get the photos updated on your Facebook as we post them. We’re planning some contests and exciting events, make sure we have your e-mail address or Facebook “like” so that you don’t miss out.

As you’re doing your spring cleaning and need to put those winter items into storage are you going to clog up the garage or pay for a storage unit? If you have space on your property it only takes about a week to install a new building on a prepared site. If you don’t have a “prepared site”, that’s ok, that’s why we’re here. We offer turn-key, full contractor services for our custom buildings without the custom price.

Since we custom design every project we build we’re able to handle every step for you. Just give us a call and we’ll arrange a visit where we look at your site and sketch out your dream building. Our engineers will create the plans for both the foundation and the building and then we assist with the permit (if you need one). We pour the concrete, manufacture the steel building and then install it. It’s really quite simple and affordable when you have us handle all the details.

We have such a great relationship with our past clients because we do spend quite a bit of time with them. Helping design the perfect steel building is what we do and we’re on the top of it throughout the entire building process. We’re one of the few contractors who are also fabricators. Why let spring get away from you, call us today to get a quote or fill out our web form.