Designing and Constructing Beautiful Steel Buildings Since 1996

With PWS, “Beautiful” and “Steel Buildings” Are Not a Contradiction
When PWS opened its steel building manufacturing and construction business in 1996 it brought an attractive and flexible solution to the California steel building market. Since then, PWS has been dedicated to designing and building attractive steel buildings that exceed every customer’s expectations.

Our Goals

1. Help Every Customer Achieve Their Objectives
PWS’s success comes from the complete satisfaction of our customers. That comes from building a better building, working closely with our customers throughout the project and making sure the project is aligned with the customer’s objectives. It is why our customers are fans of PWS!

2. Offer A Superior Alternative to the Usual Buildings
Our unique 4-step building process and strong, durable materials are chosen for superior design, durability and functionality than other manufacturers and construction methods. PWS is not a typical steel building manufacturer that provides the same basic building to every client with a “that’s not my job” attitude. We are not just providing a building, we are providing a service. We believe that every part of the building process is our responsibility, and we are dedicated to getting all of them done right.

3. Eliminate the Middleman Hassle and Waste
Traditional building processes and materials create too many “specialties” and inflate costs. At PWS, we provide design, coordination, engineering and construction services all in one package with one point of contact. PWS is responsive, and responsible. PWS also works with civil engineers, architects and other trades and their services are available if you need them.

California Steel Buildings, and Beyond

PWS (Protective Weather Structures) is based in San Luis Obispo, California. From this centrally located base, we serve commercial, public sector and residential clients across California and Nevada. Do you have a project in mind? Please contact us to discuss your needs.

PWS is a Steel Building Contractor and Manufacturer.
That gives us much greater flexibility to design the building that best meets your needs and dreams as well as meeting the building code requirements in your area. We are a design-build contractor with vast experience working on all types of projects. We design and erect steel buildings to order. Our goal is to deliver, and construct buildings on spec, on budget, and on time.

PWS exists to fulfill your building needs. Ask us about it.

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