Springtime and Spacious Steel Places

It’s spring and we celebrate by attempting to “spring clean” our house and garages, but it seems that no matter how many of our collected treasures that we either give away or throw away, there doesn’t ever seem to be enough space. The more cluttered our garages become the more we miss those wide open spaces inside our places. You may have noticed more “spaces” popping up around town in the form of steel buildings. Last month we wrote about this phenomenon and now we’ll explain how the process works in building a new “spacious place”.

The first thing to determine is how you’ll utilize your new space. Are you trying to maximize storage space, make a man cave, a lady cave, create an office, or store your boat, RV, toys or wine? Are you going to make space for an artist studio, greenhouse, paint room, scrapbook station, agricultural storage, or work on your automobiles?

Once you know how you’re going to maximize your new space, you can call a local custom steel builder (PWS) and arrange for a free consultation. The PWS consultant will come out for a site visit and design the perfect structure for your needs and your budget. Wine doesn’t like light so there won’t be any skylights in a wine cave, but if you’re an artist then you probably want as much light as possible. The PWS steel building consultant will design a sketch with your input and budget in mind and then set their engineers to work on the plans for your building and your concrete foundation.

The next step is the permit process, so it’s important to make sure you’re working with a local contractor who knows steel buildings and permit regulations in your area. We just happened to fall into this category. Then your experienced PWS steel contractor will handle the permit process for you and will be familiar with your city or county regulations and staff. It’s optimal to use the same contractor for all of these steps. A turn-key professional is essential to a stress-free project. Some parcels of land require minimal permitting; especially those zoned as agricultural areas. Your experienced PWS professional will fill out and file the correct permit for you. This ensures that your project flows through the process in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. This stage usually takes about 30 days.

With permit in hand, your local custom steel builder and manufacturer can fabricate your new building in about two weeks, simultaneously the foundation is poured. Once the concrete is set the crew comes out with your new building, erects it in about week and your new space is ready to enjoy. It’s a fun and easy experience when you have your PWS local steel building manufacturer and contractor who will turn-key the entire project for you.