Steel Buildings Deliver

Steel is a apart of our everyday lives and one of the world’s most versatile material. That versatility is such that it can be made into a structure of durability, reusability, sustainability and beauty. Steel plays a key role in the building industry saving time, money and natural resources over traditional construction. All of these attributes make steel building construction a dynamic and emerging industry.

Strong and lightweight, significantly stronger than wood, steel is virtually maintenance-free, is easy to work with, and economical. Steel is durable, it won’t crack, chip, warp or sag. Steel buildings are engineered to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes, plus they are fire-resistant and pest-resistant.

Gone is the outdated image of the square box metal building. Today’s builders create a new perception of beautiful steel buildings, one of eye-pleasing colors, textures, and custom accessories such as skylights, windows, doors, vents, cupolas and weathervanes.

The industry outlook for 2015 is extremely positive and continued growth is expected. There has never been a better time to build a steel building. Visit the Building Gallery section of our website to view beautiful Steel Buildings manufactured and built by PWS.