Welcome to PWS Steel Building Blog

This is our first post, on our brand new blog and brand new website!

From time to time, we will post about new buildings we have built that we think you would like to see, or about the construction business, or about things that affect building owners.

There won’t be a ton of content here, but what we do post we will try to make useful, interesting and entertaining. That’s a tall order when you’re talking about steel buildings! But we really love our product, because it isn’t like run of the mill buildings of any other kind.

In our unique niche, we might talk about:

A new and interesting design or function in a building, something that might trigger ideas in others.
The building process, including those nagging things like permits and fees that seem to be changing all the time. We get updates regularly, and we will pass them along to you.
Construction in a slow market: no giant news here that we have a sluggish market, but we all need to keep moving forward, and PWS intends to be part of it.
Community events or issues that might affect our owners or buyers in some way.

So, we invite you to stay in touch with us. And remember, a blog is a two-way street. You can comment back to us, and we’d love to hear from you.