PWS Steel Buildings vs. Stick Built

Typical stick built construction is preferable for some buildings, but it tends to be very expensive.  Even wood frame based prefabricated buildings can be costly compared to PWS steel buildings.

Where your building needs call for an attractive, durable building with flexible finishing options (including fully livable interiors) and an affordable cost, choose the strong PWS steel building.

PWS advantages over stickbuilt:
  • PWS steel buildings are less expensive than stick built for comparable buildings.
  • Steel will not warp, rot or split.
  • Strong steel construction is done with screws and welds, never nails or staples.
  • Steel does not burn, and PWS interiors are fire resistant by design.
  • Termites and other pests do not affect steel.
  • Maintenance of steel exteriors is minimal.
  • Lower insurance rates earned by steel due to fire and earthquake safety.
  • Steel buildings will not age or deteriorate like wood.
  • Installation is fast for PWS pre-engineered steel buildings.

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