PWS steel building vents are top quality, weatherproof and efficient. They provide a low-cost, passive way to ventilate your steel building, helping to keep the interior fresh and cool without needing power.  These vents can be installed on any PWS steel building, and you can choose the color, and sometimes the size, of the vent.

PWS uses steel ridge vents that are waterproof and effective. Help keep your steel building cool and fresh inside.


Two ridge vents installed on a large steel storage building.


Optional louver vent on a steel building exterior can be chosen in a variety of colors and sizes.


Optional louver vents can be chosen to match trim color. Or main color. In a variety of sizes. You choose how the building looks.


Cupolas are more than an attractive piece of trim — they can also function as vents.


Vented ridge is built into this premium PWS steel building.


Uni-vent component is part of the construction of the ridge vent.