Design Options

PWS Steel Building Accessories

PWS strong and flexible steel construction permits many variations in both external and internal design and function. This is complemented by a wide array of steel building accessories you can choose to maximize the beauty and utility of your steel buildings.

You have the option to custom design your building and make it work or play exactly the way you want. Most of these accessories can be integrated into any PWS steel building. Just ask us, we are here to help you decide what design options will best accommodate your steel building.

Choose entry, overhead and/or rollup doors in almost any size and combination to make your building work the way you want.

PWS steel framing can accommodate many types of standard windows. Choose a design you like.

Cupolas and Weathervanes:
Top that barn (or other building) with a cupola to give it a finished, traditional look.

Heat rises, and these steel vents automatically help to circulate that hot air while remaining weather tight.

Insulation is a practical option that is easily accommodated in a PWS steel building because of its 4 to 5 foot centers.

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