Engineered Steel Buildings by PWS

For every type of steel building, from small to large
What do you want to do with your steel building?

PWS has built all types of steel buildings.  Whether you want to live in it; make it your office; store equipment or materials; shelter your animals; shelter your tractor or trucks; make things in it; sell things from it; or whatever other need you have, we can build an attractive, strong building that’s a perfect fit.  And the cost will be low.

PWS Has Already Built One Like It

In over 19 years, PWS has built almost every kind of building, and usually in lots of variations on the theme.  With the deeper experience that comes from manufacturing and making almost 1,000 buildings, we know the building process inside and out.

With your vision and objectives in mind, we can make a building that serves you well. If you don’t see something close to what you want here, just contact us:  we are a custom manufacturer-designer-builder company, and we can give you what you want.

Here’s a list for starters (click on the Related Links on the right see more detail and photos of these buildings):

Farm Buildings:
From barns and storage to equipment shelters and workshops.

Garages that match your house look and feel, storage, home office, guest quarters, RV barns and more.

Light manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and more.

Equipment and materials shelters, storage buildings and bins, field offices, workshops and more.

Barns and RV Garages:
RV barns or carports, hobby farm barns, multi-purpose buildings.

Garages for residential and commercial uses, of every size and height.

Workshops and Studios:
Home or commercial workshops or studios for every application.

Any configuration or size, with doors of any shape and size, there is a PWS storage building.

Equipment Shelters:
Shelters for tractors, autos, trucks, or implements of any kind.

Barrel storage, tank or equipment shelters, winemaking processes, offices and sales.

Home Offices:
Separate office buildings or combinations with garage, storage, work or play.

Guest Quarters:
“Mother in law” apartments, finished inside to order, with power and plumbing.

Premium Canopies:
Steel canopy shelters of every kind and size for cars, trucks, RVs, equipment — made from top quality materials that last and look good for years.

Find PWS Buildings in Local Communities
In some communities, PWS steel buildings are quite common.  Here are a few towns or areas where you might see one of our buildings:

Nipomo Steel Buildings
Paso Robles Steel Buildings
Arroyo Grande Steel Buildings
Atascadero Steel Buildings

Contact PWS today for a review of your building plans, with never an obligation: REQUEST QUOTE.