Windows can be added in almost every combination to make your PWS steel building as bright or as private as you want it.

Garage Doors Windows

The top quality steel garage doors used by PWS can be customized with a wide variety of window styles to match your other properties, or just to give the kind of flair you prefer. Window trim is available on either single or double overhead doors. Some trim options may be available for installation in different panels of the door, e.g., the top or the second panel down. This is just one more way to customize your new steel building.

Standard Panels
This style of garage door window is available with our traditional-steel and Thermacore® garage doors.

Windows for Light and Air

We can add windows in many variations. If you don’t see what you want here, remember this is just a sample. Tell us what you want, and chances are good we can find it and fit it.

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