Top Quality Metal is Efficient & Durable

Steel is Sustainable: Save Energy. Increase Comfort. Recycle Easily.

A PWS steel building is not a throw-away that will clog the landfills someday. It is built of materials that will last and last, with minimal maintenance, and maximum comfort and usability.

Superior Metal Roofing and Wall Panels

PWS steel buildings are finished with the very best quality 26 gauge steel panels that are Energy Star rated and provide a ‘Cool Roof’ that improves the energy efficiency as well as the comfort of our buildings.  Our roofing and wall panels are made from galvanized steel with baked-on silicone polyester coating in 23 different colors (see our Materials & Colors Page)


Standard Panel Sheet Metal

Natural Rust Corrugated

40-Year Warranty

With this underlying quality, the 40-year warranty we offer is a sure thing.  PWS buildings are designed to last from the ground up.

Go Steel to Go Green

It is counter-intuitive to many people that a steel building can be environmentally friendly and a better manager of heat, but it’s true. As measured by solar reflectance and thermal emittance, steel roofs are ‘cooler.’  Further, PWS metal roofing and wall panels are made of 60% to 65% recycled steel, and are 100% recyclable (they are recyclable now, but it’ll be in the far distant future when you need to do it).

Here’s some important performance details:
  • Steel saves energy.  And that means lowering your operating costs. Homeowners who switched to metal roofs report saving 20%.
  • Steel roofing reflects sunlight better than asphalt, absorbing 34% less heat according to the Florida Solar Energy Center.
  • Steel buildings are comfortable because they reflect heat, keeping the interior cooler.
  • Insulated steel buildings are as easy to heat as other construction.
  • Steel is durable, an obvious reason our 40-year warranty works.
  • Steel roofing and siding requires less maintenance than conventional construction.
  • Steel complies with green building codes, including California’s Title 24 Energy Efficiency Building Standards.
  • Steel reduces risk.  It is fire-resistant and well-built steel buildings also resist earthquake damage better than most conventional construction.

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